Guarantee of Quality

We’re passionate about our product and design. A seasoned school teacher and top-notch designer teamed up to turn this dream into RightSide clothes for kids. For Tami, every style has to be undeniably soft, incredibly comfortable, and exude a laid-back vibe. Not to mention well-crafted, especially because everything she designs is backed with a guarantee of quality. Help your child start their day with success and style.

"Don't let what you can't do stop you from what you can do." John Wooden

Have you had your child melt down due to the frustration of getting dressed? Have they refused to wear something because of the itchy tags or seams? We believe it's important to support all kids and parents right where they are, as they learn to navigate their challenges with their strengths. It's important is that all children and adults feel supported with their struggles and have the tools and strategies they need to be successful. Our mission at RightS!de is to alleviate clothing sensitivities so that children can focus on learning and growing though exploring and playing. These garments are designed to be 100% Right!

About Us

Helping children achieve their goals has always been my passion. From a young age, I loved seeing children get organized and feel successful in their life milestones. We live in an age now, where Autism and other sensory processing delays can lead to frustration when children are learning to get dressed. This shirt was designed to make getting dressed as easy as can be. Children don't have to fear putting it on wrong. This shirt looks perfect in every direction. It's 100% Right every time!